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用設計說明時尚並不是形而上的裝飾哲學,而是壹種生活品味與態度的深厚底蘊…… 單壹·無二

"Vento" is derived from Italian, translated as "wind", also for fashionable nouns, also tell us about the tile, in the design and the industry is the Italian fashion boutique and craft aesthetic feeling.

Vento tile, is le orange enterprise's personal life a new orientation of fashion brand, by the Taiwan senior corporate and climbing process founder Mr. Liu was founded, in order to "create that occupy the home, slow life" for the faith, designed carefully taste "single, no two" products, in the spirit of reappearance of tradition and innovation thinking process, creating lots of amazing work.

We think the only good products, constant innovation, enterprise can sustainable management. Because of this, the enterprise continuous investment in research and development and equipment modification, and technical cooperation with Italy and Taiwan, the promotion of better quality of life that occupy the home, in 2015, the 4th China get honorable mention Italian ceramic design grand prix.

Decorated with design that fashion is not a metaphysical philosophy, but a life taste and attitude of profundity of... Single, no two

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Leisurely roof, talk about the kind of peace of mind poise atmosphere, only know how to enjoy health, then people can take the hint, as a friend, since the benefits of German public effort to build the living space, as complicated and publicity, unlike the mansion, there is no deliberate and show off form. Only pure essence fine rustic, full time professional attitude and traces of architecture collection, as if recounting a long period of ancient history in a calm, - a legendary meaningful, a brilliant life of reading to do.


Our companies ideal"satisfy the customer and never stop the service"ensures strict quality control standards, that has enabled Max Glory Ceramics to become a major supplier to the most quality conscious markets Globally.